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Textbook Recommendation Report Evaluation

______ 8-10 pages long, not counting front matter or appendix

______ Evaluated real textbooks.

______ Evaluates 2 textbooks that could be used as the texts for the same course.

______Original page design (not a Word template).

______ Black & white document (no color).

Document design

Table of contents

_______ Matches headings

_______ Table of contents reflects hierarchy

_______ Proper use of white space

Page layout and format

_______ Effective body font and size choice

_______ Even/odd page running headers (must be different)

_______ Formatted for 2-sided printing

_______  Running headers contains both orienting text and page numbers

______  Running headers are a single line. (no blank paragraphs)

______  Running headers are created from scratch. Do not use Word's preset designs.

_______ Paragraphs are single spaced, no indent, and blank line between

_______ Information is easy to find when skimming the document

_______ White space prevents crowding

_______ No all caps or underlined text

_______ Bold and italics are not overused

_______ Book titles are in italics

_______ Proper use of Word styles.

_______ All page breaks are hard and not done with multiple returns.

Heading formatting

_______ At least two levels of headings

_______ Heading levels can be visually distinguished.

_______ Consistent formatting with size and white space

_______ Parallel structure

_______ Effective font and size choice

_______ Effective use of white space around the headings

_______ No all caps or underlined text

Executive summary

______ One page long (no more)

______ Appears after the cover page and before the table of contents

______ Has multiple paragraphs

______ Descriptive headings

______ Defines purpose of the report

______ Summarizes analysis of the textbooks

______ Makes a clear recommendation


______ 2-4 graphics and 1-2 tables (must include both). Book cover images don't count. No clipart.

______ Text is not wrapped around the graphics.

______ Captions are not in textboxes.

______ All graphics are grayscale (black & white). No color graphics.

______ Graphics do not extend into the margin.

______ Proper size for detail and importance

______ Figures and tables referenced in the text

______ Figure and table captions contain a number and title before any explanatory text.

______ Figures and tables have titles in the caption.

______ Explanatory text in the caption is distinct from the title

______ Figure captions are below the graphic

______ Table captions are above the table

______ Proper use of white space within and around the graphics

______ Graphics have a consistent look and feel

______ Appear as close to first reference as possible

______ Consistent style for referencing figures in the text.

______ Consistent formatting on the figure captions.

______ Effective in-text description

Document content

______ Free of grammar and punctuation errors

______ Most sentences use active voice

______ Effective word choice. Uses familiar words.

______ No widows or orphans in the text

______ Coherent paragraphs

______ Multiple paragraphs under most heading

______ Logical paragraph arrangement

______ Lists use parallel structure

______ Bullet and numbered lists used correctly

______ Text uses lists rather than burying information in paragraph.


_______ Defines purpose of the report

_______ Places report in context

_______ Lists the criteria that will be used in the analysis

_______ Contains a forecasting statement

_______ Defines scope/limits



_______ Visually separates each criteria

_______ Explains the reason the criteria was chosen

_______ Defines how each criteria point will be measured


_______ Visually separates each analysis item

_______ Draws a conclusion about each individual criteria analysis

_______ Detail level is appropriate for the audience

_______ Provides a justification for the individual analysis results


_______ Comprehensive summary of the report

_______ Longer and more detailed than the executive summary

_______ Sums up the analysis for each criteria

_______ Visually easy to find the results for each criteria and the recommendation.

_______ Recommendation and its justification are visually separate

_______ Makes a recommendation


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