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Upload to iWebfolio for writing assessment

Besides submitting the recommendation report to me, you must also upload it to the iWebfolio.  That is used for assessment of writing intensive courses.  "Writing Intensive/WAC guidelines, developed in conjunction with ECU's Quality Enhancement Plan and approved by the Faculty Senate in fall 2013, stipulate that all courses designated as writing intensive (WI) should include a requirement that students submit writing samples from the course for purposes of program assessment."

You have to send the recommendation report to me and upload to iWebfolio. I cannot download from iWebfolio.

The link for the upload instruction: http://www.ecu.edu/cs-acad/qep/upload/Student-Checklist-12-7-15WEB.htm

When it asks for the assignment description, cut & paste this:

You will compare and evaluate two entry level textbooks in your major and make a recommendation for which should be used for a class. You must support your conclusions. You will discuss the textbooks in detail, establish criteria for judging them, explain how they compare, and justify your recommendation.

They must be two textbooks that can be used for the SAME course.

Ask a professor within your major for a second textbook to evaluate. They will have several. Also, use a real textbook sort of book; don't use a paperback book that was used for part of a class. Compare textbooks that can be used for the same class; don't try to compare textbooks for freshman versus junior level classes.

There are also a set of self-assessment questions you have to answer.



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