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Grayscale graphics

Most people now have an inkjet printer that can create colored graphics and many graphics used in papers are color images downloaded from the web. But this presents a problem in business and technical writing.

There are a couple of problems with letting the photocopier do the conversion from color to black & white for you.

Many images depend on the color, and when it goes away, the reader has a hard time figuring out what is being discussed. In this example below, without the colors for the various sections, the fluid flow is hard to follow.


The image can become muddled from the photocopier. It is better to convert the image to grayscale yourself. That way, you know what the reader will see, and the image will not get blurred during copying.

Converting an image to grayscale

You can convert the image with any graphics program, or Word can also do it for you. Word 2007 and Word 2010 handle it differently.

Word 2007

Word 2010


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