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Automatically create a table of contents if you use Word's styles to format your headings. (Note that I expect to see this on the recommendation report assignment.)

How to create a table of contents in Microsoft Word

Problem TOC examples

Open file TOC.doc
It contains three tables of contents from analytical reports. The first two are poorly developed. The third one shows a good table of contents.

Think about how you could revise these table of contents so that a person can quickly find the information within the report.

A list of the problems in the first 2 samples.

Leader dots in a table of contents

Leader dots are the dots that connect the words and the number.

example: How a car works..............................................34

They lead your eye across the page to the proper number. Without them, you have a harder time making sure you eye doesn't get one row off when it crosses the white space.

You do NOT format leader dots in Word by typing a bunch of periods. If you try to type periods, the numbers will not line up. Even if you don't use leader dots, use tabs, not spaces, to align the numbers. The example shows the problem.

The Tabs dialog box is part of the Paragraph dialog box. You set Word to insert the leader dots automatically. You will need to set up the tab formatting so that there is only one tab between the end of the text and the page number.


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