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Analysis Report

Turn in

Analysis report. (8-10 pages, not counting front matter or appendix)



Write the following report.

Analysis report case study (Excel data file for the report)

Be sure to use the report evaluation form as part of your revision. A significant amount of the problems I typically point out on reports are in the evaluation form.

Note: The case study data is from the early 90s. No company had a web presence then. Just ignore web issues and assume the executive teams wants to continue with direct sales.

This is a number crunching report. You need to figure out how to convey the numerical information and how to create visuals that will support the decision maker's needs.


Typical problems

Create a properly designed report. Single space, headings, proper running headers, appropriate graphics and captions, written in third person.

Don't just restate the data. You need to include your analysis finding and put them into context.

Summarizing the discussion from the case study document. It doesn't matter who said what.

You are not solving all of the Avalon's problems with this report. You are tasked with analyzing this data and reporting it back to the committee. Thus, the recommendations must follow from the data analysis. If you were brainstorming around the table, you can toss out your ideas. But in a paper like this, you can't say "data shows sales are down, so here's my brainstorm ideas"....ideas that are not connected to the data analysis. It's not an issue of good or bad ideas, it's that they don't belong here. Think if you were assigned to analyze and recommend route changes to the ECU bus system and the main recommendation was to build a big parking deck with a covered bus waiting area. The readers would see you pushing your pet project and ignoring the data....and the task you were given.

Make specific recommendations. At the next meeting, the group should discuss your ideas. Comments like "we have a sales problem and need to fix it" are duh...we knew that. Or "we need a complete overhaul of our sales process" Ok, where do we start?

Make multiple recommendations and make them easy to visually separate. They don't all go into one paragraph. Visuals exist as part of the text layout, too.

Poor presentation of the numbers. Pick the proper use of tables or graphs. Understand what information the reader needs and what they need to gain/use for making a decision from this specific set of data.

Don't put the entire data set in an appendix. Appendix should be for people who want more information on a specific area...they want the number crunching, etc. A four page table of numbers is useless.


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