Technical Writing



Genre importance within technical communciation


Write a 1000-1200 word essay, citing the readings or othe sources, about the importance of genre in technical communication.

Why does it help a technical communicator to understand the basics of genre theory, rather than just knowing "today I'm writing instructions." The output is more/less the same (or is it?). How does understanding genre change what/how you create the technical document?


This is intended to be a reflective & summative essay that shows your current understanding of genre.

Genre is tightly connected to the ideas of audience. As you write, you'll need to consider and discuss both concepts.

This is not a short summary of different genres. In other words, don't write a paper that says "One genre is instructions. They contain.... Another genre is reports. They contain...."

Longer is ok. I've had questions in the past such as "My paper is 1300 words. Do I have to cut it?" No, you do not have cut. On the other hand, turning in a 500 word paper or should be a 500 word paper except for high repetition & padding, is not acceptable


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