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First paragraph 1

ENG 200 is a course taken by many students who are not English majors, and it is a survey course covering all genres of fiction.  These factors necessitate a textbook that has the ability to give the students a diverse set of ten to fifteen short stories that demonstrate a wide variety of authors and styles.  The class also discusses authors’ nationalities, biographic information.  However, it is common for teachers to supplement these details through journal articles etc.  Also, the class syllabus includes the discussion of essays on the different groups of authors and styles demonstrated by the fiction assigned in the class, which can also at times be supplemented by the teacher.

First paragraph 2

One of the most valuable tools an instructor can offer their students is a well-chosen textbook.  Aside from insightful lectures, a textbook is the main source of information and explanation of course material.  Keeping in mind that accounting requires progressive understanding of concepts and recalling numerous formulas; the textbook is the main life line for students to have as a constant reference throughout the entire course.  Thoughtful consideration in choosing an informative yet practical book is imperative for student success.

First paragraph 3

Textbooks are the fundamental element in a classroom. The teacher’s lectures are based off of them. The class typically even reflects the chronological order of the textbook. Students go to school basically just to have someone to interpret and explain the textbooks. The education of the students, the teacher’s jobs, and many more things are influenced by something as simple as a textbook. Schools try very hard to find the best books for their faculty and students.

First paragraph 4

This report was written to provide the department committee with my recommendation in regards to its search for a new textbook for the university’s freshman accounting course.  Two textbooks have been chosen by the committee for me to evaluate, examine, and critique.  The textbooks the committee has chosen are Financial & Managerial Accounting by Warren, Reeve, and Duchac, and an online textbook provided by principlesofaccounting.com.

First paragraph 5

This report is intended to assist the Biology Department Textbook Selection Committee in the selection of a new textbook for the introduction to biology class for the upcoming semester. For this task I analyzed and compared two textbooks. The first was Biology second edition written by Robert J. Brooker and published by McGraw-Hill. The second textbook was Campbell Biology ninth edition written by Jane B. Reece and published by Benjamin Cummings an imprint of Pearson publishing company.


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