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Decision Making

This week we concentrate on tying the visual unit together with audience. Most technical communication is about helping people make decisions, which is not a highly rational process. Both textbook presentations of the decision process and how most people like to think they make decisions are not even remotely reality.


Week 1 -- Decision making readings

Week 2 -- Decision making readings


Avalon case study

Discussion questions

Week 1


A common mantra of PowerPoint slides is to only have 5 bullets of 5-7 words each. A former student who worked at ECU said they had to make slides for presentation to Chancellor and he insisted on that...and only wanted one slide.


Data dump writing is easy and people that have a bigger view can put it all together. Those same people may complain about texts written at an information level as missing too much stuff. Of course, these are not the users, they are part of the information development team (managers, engineers, etc). How do you address this type of complaint?

Week 2


In the readings, I make the comment that most examples tend to be simple problems and most real-world problems tend to be complex. Even in the corporate world, that conflict exists. If a person (think manager) believes everything can be written as simple problems:



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