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Moving into the workplace



Week 1 --Workplace readings

Week 2 -- Workplace readings


Readings touch on topics such as information architurecture, single sourcing, CMS, etc. Pick one of the topics from the reading that interest you. Research the topic farther and write about your findings. You should be thinking in terms of what the concept means for the field of techncial communication and how it will affect how you do work. You should be working to integrete the ideas and writing a coherent synthesis.

Number of sources: 6-8

Length: 2000 words


Pick a single topic to write about; don't talk about everything covered in this unit.Don't write a paper with each paragraph desibing a different ideas. Such as: "Single sourcing is....." Next paragraph "Information architectures is ..."

Each paragraph is about an idea you want to discuss and the various sources are used to support that idea. If you are synthesizing information, then each paragraph is not a summary of one of your sources.

Your sources should only be listed in the citations, and not in mentioned in the text. Thus, don't start paragraphs with "Smith (2010) explains...."

A collection of writing advice

Discussion questions

Week 1


How do the views presented in the readings differ from how you imagined a job as a techncial writer would be? What are the significant differences? How close do you think your course work has matched the projected changes to the field?


Week 2


Content management question. In the end, single sourcing and content management are designed to prevent this problem.



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