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Scribus 1: Getting started

Download and install

Download and install Scribus.

You will get a message that GhostScrip isn't installed. We are not going to be dealing with EPS files, so you don't need it. Just click OK and make it go away.

Here's some tutorials on Scribus.

Basics. http://wiki.scribus.net/canvas/Get_Started_with_Scribus

Some advanced stuff http://wiki.scribus.net/canvas/Scribus_Video_Tutorials#Basic_text_effects

If you know InDesign already, you'll find Scribus is very similiar. If not, I'm trying to provide a slow ramp up of learning the software so you can't avoid learning it until a major assignment. This will probably result in a crash & burn from having figure out too much too fast plus having to do the assignment. Simply put, don't expect to just walk-up and use this piece of software. For those who know PageMaker, Quark, or InDesign, Scribus is also aframe-based tool (or text boxes based). This is very different from Word. Think in terms of a paste-up artist working with individual pieces of text and images and glueing them onto a board. Do no thinking of this as a fancy typewriter (which is what Word is) or it will do nothing but frustrate you.


Create the following pages in Scribus. Email me the files.

The point of these is to learn basic formatting. Don't kill yourself trying to get the line breaks identical, etc. As a hint, if you cut & paste the text will come in in one frame, but you'll want to copy it into multiple frames.

Week 1 example 1. Here's the text.

Example 1 goals.

Here's how to do Example 1. (20 meg download)


When you do these, take the time to learn to use Scribus properly (it has lots of power, but is not a walk-up-and-use program). Do not force the issue just to make your text match the sample. Forcing includes stuff like putting a return after each line, adding lots of spaces, etc. The type of stuff which makes the text impossible to easily modify later. It also means you have not really learned how to use Scribus. Please remember that these assignments are not tests of your Scribus knowledge. If you need help, ask. Of course, that also means you need to start on them more than 20 minutes before they are due.


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