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Scribus master pages

Master pages contain the items that will appear on every page that uses the master page. The page number (running header in general), any watermarks, etc. all go on the master page.

A document can contain multiple master pages. For instance, chapter first page, even number pages, odd number pages, and landscape image pages.

How to work with master pages


Email me the files.

How to do the assignment

Take last week's file and expand it to at least 3 pages. The text content doesn't matter

Create a master page that contains a running header or footer that has both the page number and your name. Also, download an ECU logo (pick a small one) and place it someplace on the master page.

Keeping it straight. Remember this is a two step process.

  1. Create a master page.
  2. Apply the master page to the text page.

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