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Scribus text flow

How to to the assignent

The textboxes give you great control over how the text appears on the page. Think about a newspaper or newsletter with various stories starting on the first page and then continuing to later pages. However, getting all of those text flows properly linked up is a pain. But it's a very important part of understanding and working with any layout program.


Create the following pages in Scribus. You may have to refer back to the tutorials from the first week.

Here's the text. (which is a repeat of last weeks example 2. Just use as much as you want).

This week you have to do three things with the text. You can just cut & paste from the sample text, it doesn't have to actually look like the sample. I played with it to put the note & arrow in, you don't have to do that part...yet. :-)


Step 1. Create two different text flows. The text in the two unshaded paragraphs are connected. Adding text to the first one will cause the text to flow onto the third one. In other words, it'll skip the shaded text. To accomplish this, you'll paste the unshaded text as a single unit, then change the text block, and the create a new text block by clicking on the red + sign. (how to do it)

Text added to the upper text area will flow to the lower text area and not affect the shaded paragraph.

Step 2. Shade the middle paragraph. There are a couple of different ways. (Either way is harder than with Word, but you have more control.) You can either create a paragraph style. (more on this next week). Scribus shades the entire text box. I haven't figured out a good way of just shading a single paragraph in the middle of a block of text.

To shade the text box:

In the Properties dialog, set Color-Shade. The gray that I used in black with a 15% shade. If you picked a color, it will be a lighter version of the color.


3. Insert an image into the document. Here's the comic from last week. You'll have to do a couple of different things.

Insert an image frame (similiar to insert a text frame)

Right click... Get Image

Resizing the image is rather strange. You can either adjust the frame to fit the image size or the image to fit the frame. Typically, you'll want to adjust the image to the frame since you'll have drawn the frame the proper size when you inserted it into the document.

Right click on the the image.


4. Figure out the control+= and control+- keys and how the change the zoom level of page you are working with. You'll need to be constantly zooming in and out to keep your view of the overall page and text details.


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