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This is a real brochures (no making something up). You must have a client.


Kimball & Hawkins -- Chap 10. Projects

Constructing the user


Design a 1 page brochure (2-sided) using either a bi-fold or a tri-fold design.
Note that the design may require legal size paper rather than letter sized, depending on the folds and the client needs.

You must create the designs from scratch. No templates. This class gives you the skills to create the templates, not just blindly pour information into one.

For your draft, you will create 3 substantially different brochure design layouts. At least one of the three designs should be the "edgy, really out there" type of design. You may end up only showing one to the client.

Your final version will be a modified version of one of them, based on feedback and ideas you borrow from other designs.

Turn in


A short description of your brochure topic and organization. This is so you start looking before the day before the draft is due.

Your client needs to send me an email stating the are working with you. This can be sent after I approve the topic.

Draft version

Post your three designs to the discussion board for comments by other students.

You are expected to make constructive comments, which will include pointing out problems with the design. This is not freshman composition where the only peer review comment is "looks great to me."

Audience description

A description of who the audience for the brochure is, what they are expecting from it, and how they will be given the brochure. Also, an explanation of the research you did to obtain the audience information.

Final version

Working with clients

Find a real brochures to do (rather than making something up. You must have a client. Try checking with any local non-profit groups, etc. which you are associated with. They often have a several projects of the "we'd love to to, but don't have the time/money" type. Also, your client cannot be a relative or your workplace.

The professional nature and quality of this project should make it suitable for inclusion in a dossier that you might bring with you to a job interview. The folds give the project a different flavor since you have to worry about chunking the information and connecting across the pages.

Have the client send me an email stating they are working with you. The email should be from a corporate account (not gmail, etc.).


Actual content fits the client's needs.

I recommend you read this short essay and think what its focus on "doing one thing" means for your design. Actually, for anything you design, you must answer that question or it will fall into the trap of trying to do everything. You may have to rein in your client since they will want a short brochure that does everything.



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