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Proper choice of margin is important because:

It effects line length, which in turn effects readability.

Adds white space to a page. Narrow margins make a page look very dense.

Binding margin

If a document is being bound, you must allow extra space for that margin. The area taken up by the hole punches or the spiral binding cannot be used for text. To give the page an even appearance, calculate the margins without the binding area and then add in the space for the binding.

Most bound documents are printed front-to-back (like a book). In these cases, the right and left page margins will be different to allow for the binding margin. In general, people prefer a narrow outside margin and a wide binding margin.

Margins in Word

Set the page margins in Word with Page Layout.

Use mirror margins to automatically get the right and left hand page adjusted for for two-sided printing.

In Word, the margin is a section attribute, which means each section can have different margins.


Scholars margin

The wide margin on the outside edge of a page that contains short notes or images is called a scholar's margin. While it keeps the line length close to optimal and gives a professional appearance to your document, you'll find it's almost impossible to do in Word.


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