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Page breaks

When you want to start a new page in a document, you should use the page break feature. This gives a hard break and lets you modify the text on previous pages without affecting the break.

Never force a page break by hitting the return key several times. The result is that any additions to the text in front of this string of returns causes the page break to be off.

Inserting a hard page break with Word

Page breaks are breaks between pages that are specified by you. An example of where you might use a page break would be at the end of your paper when you are ready to type your References page. In most cases, your Conclusion (the section before References) will not fit perfectly on one page. It may just take up a couple of lines or it make take up several. In any event, in order to begin a new page so that you can type your References page, you will need to insert a page break. Do not get to a new page by pressing the Enter key several times! You will regret this later, especially if you go back and add anything to your document.

To insert a page break

Go to INSERT on the ribbon


What to never do

Don't use a bunch of returns to create a page break.


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