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Sections and Section Breaks

Using sections in Word

Word uses section breaks to specify parts of a document that have different page orientation, columns, or headers and footers. Section breaks allow the user to specify where the different formatting will begin and end. You might use section breaks in the following circumstances:

Section break tips

How to work with sections

How to view a section break

To view the section breaks (and page breaks) you need to have Word in Normal view.

1. Click on View-Normal

Word displays a double dotted line and the words Section Break (Type of Section Break) to indicate a section break and its type. The line is not printed. However, you can cut/copy & paste this line to copy the section formatting to other places.

How to insert a section break



The breaks and their purposes are described in the following table.

Section Characteristics  
Next Page Word breaks the page at the section break. The new section starts on the next page. Use this section break if you want to apply different page numbers, headers and footers, orientation, vertical alignment, or paper size to the sections in the document.
Continuous Word inserts a section break and begins the new section on the same page. If the two sections have different settings for page size or orientation, the new section begins a new page even if you select Continuous. Use this section break if you want to have different column formatting or margins on the same page. If there are multiple columns in the previous section, Word balances the columns above the section break and then fills out the page with the new section.
Odd Page Word begins the new section on the next odd-numbered page. This section break is often used for chapters that begin on odd-numbered pages. If the section break falls on an odd-numbered page, Word leaves the intervening even-numbered page blank.
Even Page Similar to Odd Page, but Word begins the new section on the next even-numbered page.



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