Technical Editing & Production





Markel. Chap 18. Writing Formal Reports

Lay et al. Chap 14. Reports for decision making

Universal principles of design



Lay et al. p. 524 contains a sample report. Analyze the design of the report and make suggestions on how to improve its presentation.


Your company has been hired by a different company to evaluate different methods of preventing flooding in their parking lot. After the analysis, you are assigned to write the recommendation report detailing the four methods that were analyzed.

Explain why and how that drives the design decisions and what specific design and content choices you need to make to allow for it.

a. How you need to consider the audience in the design of a recommendation report.Who is the audience? How many groups?  (Note: this is not a 1 sentence answer that “audience is important”) 

b. How the executive summary and body of the report have different audiences (and there may be more than 2) and how can you write the report to address all audiences.








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