Technical Editing & Production



Word Formatting

This is a formatting exercise, not an editing one. There is no need to rewrite any text.

  1. Download SunSpace.doc.
  2. Format the file to look like the this example.
    There are is no place that has more than one tab, one space, or one carriage return in a row. When you get done, your document will also be like this.
  3. Save the file with a filename of "lastname-sunspace.doc" and email it to me as an attachment. (Be sure to put your last name in the file name. I have trouble keeping track of a bunch of files all names SunSpace.rtf.). Making sure you can handle sending files as attachments is also part of this assignment.


Turn on paragraph marks and tabs

To really control Word's formatting, you must see the paragraph marks and tabs. I have them turned on and it makes it easy to see how you are (or are not) properly formatting a document.

To turn them on, Word Options-Display

What you gain (and what I see with grading, is the marks. These two samples will print almost the same, but one is easy to maintain and the other will be a nightmare.


Comment on assignment grading

I expect all assignments in this class to use the what you learn here. In other words, never use more than 1 tab, or one return. They will be marked on your assignments and they will count off.


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