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Design a third-party book (like you would buy in a bookstore) for how to produce a quality oral presentation with PowerPoint. The focus here will be on the "how-to" and not the slide content itself. Like the earlier book design assignment, the sample will exactly six pages long and includes a first page of the chapter. Assume this will be shown to a client as part of the early design work for a book. Based on your design, the client may either accept the design or give feedback for a revision. Remember these are just sample pages from a much longer book but they must include everything a book will contain..

For your draft, you will create 2 substantially different book design layouts. Both drafts will contain the same material. You may have to adjust for length because of layout issues, etc., but they are not different topics.

The design must have at least 2 pages each of instructions and informational text.

Your final version will be a modified version of one of them, based on feedback and ideas you borrow from other designs.

This is a major design project for this course and is designed to be a substantive indicator of your document design abilities. The professional nature and quality of this project should make it suitable for inclusion in a dossier that you might bring with you to a job interview.

Turn in




Start at chapter 4. In other words, this design sample comes from someplace in the middle of the book.

Actual contents are your choice. But the pages should include both instructions and informative text. What you are creating should be usable and should support expanding into a normal length book. The text content does not have to be complete, but use real text that is relevant to PowerPoint. In other words, don't fill with meaningless words.

The sample pages should show how you will layout the instructions to make them easy to follow and to use. Assume you will be presenting this to a client and asking their agreement on the overall design.

The book audience is people who already know the basics of PowerPoint. It should be designed for people who want to maximize their use of the software and understand the basic concepts. It is not a introductory tutorial.

Final design must contain




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