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Create a product logo from letters

You have been hired by a company that has a new phone app for people who collect teddy bears and other stuffed animals. The app is named BUVL.

They want a logo that is based entirely on playing with the fonts. You can change the alignment, kerning, rotation, etc. (think FedEx or IBM). But no adding stars, lines, teddybear images, etc. A teddy bear font, on the other hand, would be ok.

You'll have to search the font sites to figure out a good font. The ones you have installed may not be appropriate.

Turn in

PDF of the logo (it has to be a PDF since using strange fonts probably will not display on my computer. Make sure the fonts are embedded in the PDF.)

2 page analysis of the design and why you created it as you did. You must justify the font choice and why/how you changed it from just typing BUVL.

Weak answer: I tightly kerned Arial to produce this image. I spend almost 40 seconds on this assignment.


It will be easiest to put each of the letters into their own text block and manipulate them from there.

Here's a set of possible ways you can adjust the fonts. I didn't try to create a good logo when I created these examples; I was trying to vary the fonts in as many ways as I could to give you an example of how much freedom you have.


Way beyond this assignment, but the basic idea remains the same...Star Wars typography


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