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Digital versus analog presentation.

Here's a scan of my dog's CBC from the vet. Consider how it contains both a digital and analog display of most of the information. What are the advantages of either? What would drive your choices in using digital or analog displays on a webpage? What about information which automatically updates at some time interval? How does it relate to the audience use of the information? (vet versus pet owner) For that matter, why do cars have analog speedometers and not digital? A few years ago, some did have digital, but they seem to have gone away.

weak answer The digital display clearly outlines the information while the analog graphic give the number some sort of scale on which to gauge. A decision on whether or not to use an analog or digital display may come down to the user's prior knowledge. If the anticipated user already has a the prior knowledge to interpret the digital display quickly and understands what they are looking for than a digital display would make sense. However, if the audience is unfamiliar with the topic or information listed, an analog display may make the information more accessible to the user and easier to interpret.


Thoughts to ponder


Here's a redesign of a traffic light. The hour glass shapes lets you know now much longer until the light changes.


Need to add work on adding callouts to graphics and screen captures. They are too good at including graphics without highlighting the point where the person should look. This would make a good homework excercise....I can give them something and they have to revise it.




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