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You are working on the production of a relatively long technical manual 200-250 pages perfect bound and a couple thousand copy print run. The text is written and is being copyedited. The individual section writers will still review the the copyedits and the CRC.

a) What types of questions are you going to have to ask the printer. Your employer is paying for the printing and it ships with your product; issues such a royalties or distribution are not relevant (which, BTW, a printer doesn't handle anyway).

b) What guidance are you going to have to give to your manager and the other writers (who are engineer/programer/business types with no technical writing training). In other words, they have no clue what book production involves; to them, printing means using a copy machine.


Why are spot inks cheaper than four-color printing? Why do some fancy presses handle up to 7 inks if only 4 are needed to reproduce all colors? What if your boss really likes the idea of bleed edges for a project?

Paper stock can come in a variety of finishes. What is a compromise betweenĀ using coated or uncoated papers? What might be the advantages of the use of this alternative paper finish?

What does all this mean with respect to production?






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