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Book design

Design a book sample based on the text I'll supply that is exactly five pages long and includes a first page of the chapter (only one first chapter page). Assume this will be shown to a client as part of the early design work for a book. Since it is a model for the overall book, you must include all of the various design elements which will be in the book. Based on your design, the client may either accept the design or give feedback for a revision. The final book will be about 15 chapters and 380 pages.

For your draft, you will create 2 substantially different book design layouts. Both designs will contain the same text, it's the overall page design and styles that have changed. Your final version will be a modified version of one of them, based on feedback and ideas you borrow from other designs.

You will have to decide on how the pages will be laid out, font choice, figure placement rules, etc. Remember that books are printed two-sided and the running headers/footers will have to reflect that. This book is not 8.5x11 inches. You'll need to design for a standard trade-press size book.

Notice how the sample has different sized sidebars, figures, etc. Your design will have to accommodate these and not be tweaked to make the example pages look good. In other words, the design must handle both small and large figures and sidebars. Since you are creating a design format sample, you can pick & choose text from the sample file; it does not have to be continuous text.

No templates. You must create the designs from scratch. This includes running headers; do not use the various options Word provides.

Note: These samples were created so graphics, side bars, and such occurred regularly. Some paragraphs were cut in the process so the text will not read smoothly. They also need a copyedit, but you can ignore that.

Turn in


Post your design PDF file to Blackboard for comment by other students. (and you get to comment on theirs).

You are expected to make constructive comments, which will include pointing out problems with the design. This is not freshman composition where the only peer review comment is "looks great to me."

No draft lowers the final grade by one letter.



Final design must contain


Here's the sample file which you will format.

Book format


Word, Microsoft Publisher, or any other layout program.

Sample output

Sample output. Please do not interpret this assignment as having to redo this sample exactly. I want to see how you'd design a book, not that you have the ability to replicate an existing design.


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