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Pick a complex design

Pick one of the options below.

You don't have to create a full finished design here. I want two good rough drafts of fundementally different designs that shows how you are thinking about the project and how you would go about finishing it. In other words, you need to provide enough information and detail so that if I were hiring you for the project, I would feel comfortable with that decision.

Turn in

Your designs.

An accompanying paper of at least 3 pages (single spacing). Explain and justify your design of the document, citing relevant sources to support your design decisions. Note that you must explain your design choices, not give a description of how you went about doing the project.


Make your choice:


You have been asked to help  an Internet/cable service provider who is working on presentation of "data use" for their customers (i.e., how many GBs of stuff did you upload or download) during billing cycle for their customers (assume these are commerical customers, not residential). Their current data usage presentation is counterintuitive and difficult to interpret.  

They need help to distinguish which graphic treatment best shows 1) daily use of data, 2) cumulative use of data (trends), and 3) comparative use of data (cycle-to-cycle or time slice to time slice).  They realize that they are not providing what customers want most, that is, "What was I doing when I used 50 GB in one day?" What they need is a presentation that helps their customers manage data use to avoid overages and to select the package that best meets their needs.

Develope some sample ideas for presenting the data and support those ideas with solid research (from class readings or other sources). Remember that a major issue which must be addressed is "What was I doing when I used 50 GB in one day?" A day-by-day bar chart of the month doesn't answer that question, it just shows 50 GB one day.

You will be designing two versions of the report the company will send to the customer each month.


Visual Word sort of book that talks about design. Lots of images, callouts, etc. Create 4-6 pages from the middle of the chapter that show your concept. The middle of the chapter means not first page of the chapter, chapter overview, etc.


Design a chart with a detailed compariative analysis of several of these fonts (you don't need to do all of them). The goal is to help non-design or lower-skilled design people pick an appropriate font. The compariative analysis needs to explain the differences and why they are relevant.

A detailed analysis would get into the details of the letter forms, how they compare, and how the shape affects a reader. The analysis must extend beyond saying font x has an open eye counter and font y has a closed eye counter and explain why it matters to a reader and a designer.

Fonts with a DL will probably require you to download and install the font. Becasuse of copyright issues, I can send you a font, but can't have it up for download. It's easy to find them with a search.

  Font 1 Font 2
old style serif Riven Garamond
  Palatino Bookman Old Style


modern serif Stone Serif Baskerville
  Sabon Meridien
sans serif Arimo Century Gothic
  Berlin Sans FB Frutiger

Note that this should be substantially more than just two versions of a table like this. The assignment is for a comparative analysis, not a basic description.



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