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Critical thinking paper #3

Critical thinking paper overview


One of the samples (innovation 1 and innovation 2) give the developmental phases of a complex chart to show how the design evolved over time. Many new designers seem to have the misconception that they can arrive at a great design on the first try or that their first thought is THE answer.

Multiple Solutions

Why you should always prototype & user test multiple designs

You need to think of mocking up three to four "very different designs for a project before moving forward with a final idea." I've seen "different designs" that were little more than "and this one has indented text" and "this one we changed to Arial." Those are not different design solutions; those are tweaks of an existing design.

What do you think?  How should the three to four "very different designs" be different? How do those different designs fit into the design process?   How do these designs differ from an approach of "change a couple of elements and see how it changes the page's effect?" What elements should you alter?  Should each be isolated and changed, or should the designer have several independent/creative sessions and simply choose the best?  How do you determine the "best"?

Note: The designs being discussed here are the layout and design of a single document. Don't get carried away thinking about different paper, web/print, etc. Think in terms of multiple variations leading to a single final product.


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