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Critical thinking paper #5

Critical thinking paper overview


Find at least 3 technical documents that use color, preferably documents with different rhetorical purposes. Try to find a mix so you have examples that use both full color and those that use spot color. Also, avoid comparing marketing material; try to use technical documents.

Write an analysis of a specific point about the designer's use of color. Potential things to consider are:

Keep the analysis to a single color concept or idea. Don't just describe all three documents and talk about the five good/bad things they do with color.


Pick one thing and analyze it across the three documents. If you are talking about color in the headings, the running headers, and the graphics, then you are working too broadly.

Spend most of the time in the analysis and not describing the documents. The important point is not that the headings were blue, but why that worked/didn't work within this document.

Examples may support your point, but they are not analysis.

Don't just write up a description of three documents, one per paragraph.


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