Research Methods in
Technical and Professional Writing



Student Responsibility

This is a web-based class in which YOU are highly responsible for your own learning. You are responsible for checking the schedule and ensuring the assignments get done and turned in.

The work for this course is arranged in units and you must keep up with the modules. Although you can do the work at 2am if you want, you cannot wait for the last weekend of a month and do all units for the month at once.

Do not think that the assignments must be done without outside help. You can ask all the questions you want. I expect to get many emails from each of you and to have many questions appear on the discussion list. I will respond promptly to emails and can meet you in my office.

High quality business and technical writing in not obvious, nor is it easy to design a clean usable document. Good design and writing is hard work. One problem students have with this course is that they think they know how to write and that most of the assignments are obvious. Thus, they try to do the assignment without going through the assigned material. However, the assignments are developed and graded with the assumption you have learned all the material presented in the unit. It often becomes painfully obvious when grading who has and who has not actually read the material. Design is much more than "looks good to me" and "this is how I do it at work" and if you follow that road, your projects will suffer.

Time involved

Many students don't realize how much time an on-line course can take. Actually, it takes at least the same time as a regular course, but it seems like all homework. In a regular class, you sit in class for 3 hours a week and do homework for 2 hours (total of 5 hours). Plus, a few times during the semester, you have to put in extra hours working on a major project like a research paper. In the on-line class, all 5 of those hours are done at home, in other words, it will seem like you have a major chunk of homework every day.

You will have lots of homework, but that is the price of not having to sit in class. In a normal class, I could lecture about a topic and show you some examples. In this course, you'll have to read about the topic and do the short assignments to help learn the material.

Regular work you must do

The units have content that requires you to post to the discussion list. You should respond with a well thought out response and respond to other student posts. Discussion list expectations.

You must complete the assignments and upload the answers to the questions. If you don't understand the assignment, ask. They are not a test of your ability to figure stuff out for yourself, but a learning experience so you can gain skills in technical communication.


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