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Styles and formatting

Note that in the recommendation report you have coming up, you'll be expected to create a table of contents and use styles within the document.


Styles reading



Answer these questions and email me your answer. You'll be sending me three files. Use filenames of YOUR NAME style homework, YOUR NAME section homework, and "YOUR NAME tab formatting & question answer."

You can also get help from lynda.com. Log in from ECU and search on Word Styles


Style homework       answer video


Section and running header homework      answer video


Create the following in Word using tabs (not tables). The red text gives your the formatting required. You'll have to set center, right and decimal tabs as well as set the tab stops and the leader dots. No place in this table has two consecutive tabs. And yes, multiple tabs costs you points.


You are in charge of developing a document that has 8 people writing different sections; each person has written about 40 pages for a total document length of 300 pages.  You expect to do substantial revisions every 6 months. One of those authors has just sent you his section where all the paragraphs (including headings and figure captions, etc) are all in Word style Normal, rather than the proper style (Heading 1, Heading 2, figure caption, bullet list, etc).  (Probably the way you would have done it before this course.)  The author says he formatted them so they look just like the other sections that use the styles, so it doesn’t matter, thus he see no reason to use styles.  Looking at the printed pages, you can’t tell he didn’t use the styles like everyone else did. 

What are some of the reasons (there are more than one) that all authors should use styles? Be specific. Make your answer easy to read.

Formatted with styles

Formatted without styles

Discussion questions


Some of this formatting stuff gets rather confusing. If you have any questions, please post them to the discussion list so everyone can find out the answer.






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