Discussion board expectations


Discussion question postings should be posted early during the unit to allow time for responses. Consistently posting on the last day is not a good idea if you want a good grade.

The goal is to have a lively conversation between class members and not simply dumping answer into the discussion list. An important part of learning is sharing ideas and working at fitting other people's views into yours.


We'll be using the asynchronous discussion board utility on Blackboard as the primary means for exchanging ideas about various readings.

To access Blackboard, go to the ECU Web site and click on the Blackboard tab at the top left of the main page content. Once on the Blackboard site, you'll need your ECU mail ID and Password to log in. I've set up the site and added all of you so that when you go to Blackboard you should immediately see a link to this course.

I will check the Blackboard discussions every day. Though I won't post replies to every post, I'll participate quite a bit.

Discussion expectations

Discussion etiquette