Major assignment


The work should be done using Track Changes in Word. You may want to double space the text.

You will be doing a copyedit for a chapter (plus a few more pages) of a book I'm currently writing. You job is to copyedit the text and make suggestions for improving it the sentence structure. Ignore any blue text, that's my notes, and ignore the purple color of the citations, I mark them that way so I can find them later.

I've split the pages into more or less equal-sized sections and you will be assigned to one section. Each file has 2 editors, but you will work alone. The multiple editors improves the overall quality of the copyedit and give me a basis of judging the work. (There is no answer key. I have to compare between edited copies.) You have one chapter and some extra pages to make each one equal length. That change will be rather a bullet list starts with no lead in, etc.

Expect to find lots of subject-verb agreement errors, wrong word errors (such as 'the' instead of 'then'), or missing words (not typing 'then'). Yes, this is actually my work that is due to the publisher in November. No, I will not get upset if you make any marks on the past I've seen some students who were scared to make any marks. Be real, a grammar problem is a problem and needs to be fixed.

Other copyedit issue:

If you have any questions, please ask. The discussion list consistently mentioned the need to talk to the author.

Filename Editor Editor
chapter 6 Barnes, Jennife Holt, Gloria 
chapter 8 Berger, Brenna  Lee, Melissa 
chapter 9 Greene, Vicki Meadows, Jennifer 
chapter 10 Gregoire, Renae  Nelson, Cliff
chapter 11 Harris, Laurie  Palko, Meghan
chapter 12 Harrison, Cynthia  Robinson, Daniel 
chapter 13 Holland, Susan  Wheeler, David 
works cited file     Everyone will need this.