Week 10 Graphics


Houp. Graphics

Poor use of graph with non zero scales

The use or misuse of three-dimensional graphs to represent lower-dimensional data

Graph ethics

Figure captions

Editing assignment

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The two columns of information in this figure are part of a brochure for members of a professional society. It is a simple kind of annual report. Evaluate the text and graphs. Begin by analyzing the purpose of the information: What should readers know, and what should their attitude to the organization be after reading this information? Evaluate the overall ability of the graphs to communicate with the reader. (from Rude, Technical Editing).

Discussion questions


A common reason given for including illustrations is because readers look for shortcuts and the illustration saves them from having to read the text. What does that mean with respect to effective editing of both illustrations and instructions? And what does it mean about how those graphics are related to the surrounding text (from a reader's viewpoint)?




You are editing a newsletter story about a company employee's dog competing in flyball. The author has inserted this photo. What editing suggestions would you give about using the photo in the newsletter. (ignore the overall poor quality).


Appropriate design of graphics