Week 5 Comprehensive editing


Levels of edit

Substantive edit

Do editors focus on the wrong things?

Necessary Transition

Edit, do not rewrite (I put this together a few semesters ago, so don't take the comments about what everyone did or didn't do as applying to this class.)

Editing assignments

Recommendation report -- kindergarten software

Discussion questions


Check the websites of two or more departments at ECU. Are the parts consistent from department to department? Are they organized in the same manner? Are there any good reasons for the differences? How do the differences affect how a student may view the department? Do the different structures reflect the different needs of the departments majors?

As a simple test, assume you are a high school senior thinking of majoring in the subject. So, you are looking for the required courses you'll need from ECU versus other schools you are considering. Try to find the information. How well does the site address that person's needs?

In the past, many students answered this question with a basic description of the site's layout. Move beyond that and consider the content and how it reflects the potential student's needs. If you were asked to edit it, you wouldn't just say you liked the purple banner with the ECU logo.


Rude Question 6, p. 302


I've been constantly making comments that you should be editing and not rewriting text. But sometimes you might have to do rewrites. What are some conditions where this might occur and how would you handle it?