Week 8 Comprehensive editing


Comprehensive edit

The effect of language inconsistency on the web

Rules for Displayed Lists

The Editor from Hell Don't become this editor.

Editing assignment

EM fields

Discussion questions

Rodeo Cafe Personnel Manual

Do not actually edit this manual. But you will have to figure out what changes you'll recommend. Once you look it over (it's really very poor) you'll see that it needs a lot of organizational and consistency work before it would even be worth doing any sort of low level edit.

Assume you have been hired to edit this document for a local restaurant. This week's discussion will cover:

It is easy to answer this question with 2 sentences of "it needs a reorganization and change the tone." That is sort of a 'duh.' Your answer should be a detailed descritpion of what you need to do. Think in terms of what you would put into a detailed statement of work that would serve as your contract with the cafe owner.