Research Design in Technical and Professional Communication



MyTextbook assignment

Turn in

An organized collection of notes and copied text from the readings which taken all together form an individualized textbook for the course.

You'll turn in a draft at fall break. I will not be grading the drafts, but want to make sure you are working on it and developing a usable document. This is not something you'll be able to toss together the night before it is due.

Practical aspects

You will dislike this assignment more than anything else in this course, including the statistics unit.

MyTextbook is what you should use to prepare for class discussions. In the longer term, it should be designed to provide you with a reference for the materials covered in the class. Reseach methods is a new concept for many of you and we are covering lots of material. The goal with this assignment is for you to create an organized document that you can refer back to in the future when you have to perform some type of research.

Create your MyTextbook in an organized manner for later retrieval of the information.

You should create it in Word.

In the past, I've gotten documents that were about 100+ pages. A 20 page final text is not adequate. Also, I've seen ones that are very detailed for the first half of the class and then have the second half covered in 10 pages.

Screen captures

Capturing text from some of the PDF files may require a screen capture tool.

The PrintScreen key on your keyboard will capture the screen, but it is the entire screen. You'll need to use Paint or some other editing program to crop it. You can also consider cropping it with Word's image crop tool.

For a more full featured tool (and the one I use), you can download Snagit from Techsmith. It's available from the ECU Software Download Center. There are other freeware screen capture tools on the web.



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