Special Topics in Communication and Emerging Technologies



Make a one page webpage

Make a one page webpage (how to do it 20meg file)


Save it on a web server and send me an email with the link.

Contents of the page must include

Except for lacking an image, this assignment page fits everything you need to do.

The purpose of this assignment is not to get fancy, but to simply learn to use your web design tools and upload a web page. You'll find that once you complete this page, the rest of the semester is sort of more of the same.

For this assignment, make sure the graphic files and the web page are all in the same folder on your machine. Later, we'll deal with mutiple folders, but keep it simple for now.


Line breaks are created with CTRL+return
and the let you break text
as you want. Just like this is doing. It uses the <br> HTML code. But this is still all one paragraph.

Links to external sites have to have the full URL (http://www.cnn.com) and not just the cnn.com you can type into a browser


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